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Raven’s Rest Retreat

The Silence… the Solitude…the Solace of Godawaiting you at Still Wood

Raven’s Rest Hermitage is a furnished retreat space located on the lower level of Still Wood.  With a view toward the mountains across the Spring Creek valley, it consists of a two-room apartment with private entrance designed for individuals seeking to experience solitude and silence.

It is situated on a forested mountainside of the Newfound Range in the rural Smokies and surrounded by a thousand acres of undeveloped woodlands. Raven’s Rest is open from May through October and is located 35 miles northwest of Asheville, NC and is easily accessible by car.

The modest per diem donation covers all amenities, including a small kitchenette.  Retreatants are asked to bring their own food.  For more details and reservations, Contact Us.  We look forward to serving you!


Still Wood

Cloister Walk to Raven's Rest

Bedroom at Raven's Rest



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