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Raven’s Bread Ministries is please to offer copies of hard-to-find documents and data about eremitical life such as juridical commentaries; bibliographies; sample rules and articles on various aspects hermit life.

Solitude and Union: A Select Bibliography on the Hermit Way of Life (1996) by Cecilia W. Wilms. This is the most complete listing available up through 1996. 26pp. $5.00

Annotated Readings on Spirituality - This listing is Sharon Jeanne Smith’s ‘best ever’ books on spirituality which are immediately accessible to the interested reader and includes some books beyond the Christian tradition. 22 pp. $4.50
Annotated Readings on Solitude - This collection by Sharon Jeanne Smith includes books on hermit life, resources for retreats, on solitude as lived experientially, and about the temperaments which flourish in solitude. 4pp. $2.00


Statutes for Hermits by the Bishops of France Unofficial translation from French of the document created by the Canonical Committee of Religious in France in 1989. Includes a brief history of eremitical life. 18pp. $3.00

The Law of Consecrated Life: Commentary on Canon 603 By Jean Beyer, SJ, Published Paris: Tardy 1988; translated from the French by W. Becker, 1992. 14pp. $3.00
Hermits: Juridical Implications of Canon 603 by Helen L. MacDonald (1992) This thesis examines the description of eremitical life as found in Canon 603, considers how a bishop ascertains a genuine eremitical vocation, explains his responsibilities toward the hermit and what responsibilities the hermit has toward the bishop. 30pp. $5.00
Marabou’s Canonical and Legal Reflections by Fr. R. B. Williams, OP, JD (1994-1997) Both Church and secular legal matters that pertain to solitary living are discussed in simple and practical terms. 11pp. $4.00


Rule of Hermits By Padre Justo, OP. A way of living, rather than a way of life. Original Spanish – 7pp. $2.00

English Translation by James Hannay – 8pp. $2.00
Eremitic Rule of Life A very complete and approved rule with excellent supportive quotations. 35pp. $6.00
Franciscan Plan of Life in Hermitage (Outline) and Rule & Life of a Hermit Brother of St. Francis: Rule & Life of a Hermit Brother of St. Francis: a simple version of Franciscan eremiticism. 3pp. $1.50
Topical Outline (Table of Contents) for Eremitical Plan of Life Two forms – A Broad and a Detailed Outline for an eremitical plan of life. 4pp. $3.00
Rule for a Solitary by Aelred of Rievaulx, 7pp. $3.00
In Silence and In Hope Spiritual foundation document for Carmelite Hermits of Adoration 7pp. $2.50
The Nazareth Community – A rule of life for lay persons in the world based on spirituality of Charles de Foucauld 8pp. $2.50

Three Brief Expressions of Commitment, one from 12th century and two from the 20th century 4pp. $2.00

Ancrene Wisse: A medieval guide for anchoresses 7pp. $3.00


Raven’s Bread Survey 2001 A compilation of approximately 130 responses with commentary 49pp. $7.00

Marabou 1996 Hermit Survey, Discernment Questionnaire & Criteria A compilation of survey responses, questionnaire on discernment of hermit calling collected by Marabou, Raven’s Bread predecessor. 18pp. $4.00
Femmes Au Desert – Testimonies on Eremitic Life: Responses from fifty women hermits from around the world collated in the early 1980’s. 37pp. $15.00

By No Worldly Logic: To Be a Hermit in the 1990’s by Karen Karper Originally published in America in 1994, this informal survey describes the growth of hermit life since the 1950’s 6pp. $2.00


Lay Hermits - A study based on interviews of hermits in Great Britain by the author, Rev. Eugene Stockton. 10pp. $3.00
Sacristans of Emptiness; by Rich Heffern, published in NCR in 2004 6pp. $2.50
Notes for a Beginning Hermit by A Hermit of Mercy Wise recommendations by an experienced hermit. 20pp. $4.00
Four Articles by Kenneth C. Russell, originally published in Review for Religious, with excellent footnotes and references 

Acedia – The Dark Side of Commitment 8pp. $2.00

The Dangers of Solitude 8pp. $2.50

Must Hermits Work? 20pp. $4.00

Being a Hermit, Where and How? 12pp. $3.00

Catholic Eremitism in Contemporary Italy by Isacco Turina Originally published in “Modern Religion” 2005, Bratislava. Has good footnotes and a helpful bibliography. 9pp. $4.00

On Becoming an Apostolic Hermit by Lavinia Byrne, IBVM. Originally published in Review for Religious, March-April 1989 10pp. $4.00

A Hermitage Experience by Perry McDonald, OFM Cap Originally published in Review for Religious, September-October 1995 9pp. $4.00

The Urban Hermit: Monastic Life in the City by Theresa Mancuso Originally published in Review for Religious March-April 1996 10pp. $4.50

Symbols of Marginality from Early Pythagoreans to Late Antique Monks by J. N. Bremmer Originally published in Greece and Rome, vol. 39, no. 2, 1992 pp.205-214 A review. 8pp. $3.00

A Hermit of the Heart by Paul O’Donnell Published in New York, nymag.com January 2008 is a study of hermits living in New York City 5 pp. $2.50

Life in Solitary by Lisa Miller Published in Newsweek, 2005, it is an interview with modern day hermits 3 pp. $1.50

Sacristans of Emptiness by Rich Heffern Originally published in National Catholic Reporter in 2004 6pp. $3.00

Disillusionment is Positive: Conversation with Basili Girbau, Hermit of Montserrat This interview was originally published in Spanish about twelve years ago in the Barcelona magazine Integral. There are presently no hermits at Montserrat, and no one with any apparent interest in becoming one. NOTE: Footnotes are added by the translator. 6pp. $2.00
The Harmony of Solitude in the Writings of Francis and Clare of Assisi By André Cirino OFM An illuminating study of Franciscan sources by a well known scholar. 8pp. $2.50
Eremitism: Call to the Chronically Ill and Disabled by Laurel M. O'Neal. An insightful study by a hermit who publishes a blog for hermits on legal issues. 7pp. $2.50
Lay Monasticism, One Version by Richard A. Ortez One person’s experimental lifestyle developed through experience with an External Oblate Program at Assumption Abbey. 12pp. $4.00
The New Urban Hermit by Jack El-Hai Published in the Saturday Evening Post, it is an insightful study of the contemporary growth of hermit life. 6pp. $2.00


Rites of Hermit Profession

Public Renewal of Vows - A ceremony outside of Mass  4pp.  $2.00

Public Promises with Blessing – Franciscan Hermitess  4pp.  $1.50

First Rite of Eremitical Consecration Within Mass  8pp.  $3.00
Rite of Renewal of Eremitical Vows within Mass  6pp.  $2.50

Rite of Perpetual Eremitical Consecration within Mass  9pp.  $3.50

Prayers for Setting Apart for a Special Vocation - Taken from The Book of Occasional Services 1994, authorized by the General Convention of the Episcopal Church 4pp. $2.00


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