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Raven’s Bread Ministries sponsors a free lending library composed of select books focused on eremitical life. Readers may request a catalogue of the nearly 200 books available via email or regular mail. Up to three books may be borrowed at one time, kept for one month, and returned at the reader’s expense. (Sorry but library books cannot be sent outside the USA.)

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From BE STILL AND KNOW by Norris J. Chumley

There is a great need for peace in the world between religions and nations, in individuals, and for peaceful coexistence with neighbors of all cultures and traditions as well. While this is a time of conflict, war, and terrorism, it is also a time of isolation, loneliness, and economic hardship for many people.

At the same time there is a new trend indicating great interest in religious education, practical training, and spiritual self-help, in ascesis. This is the case not only for monks and nuns, but also for the general public outside of monasteries. Many people are engaged in mentorship and pastoral care in churches, social and psychological therapies, spiritual guidance in books and emerging self-help media. There is a large, hungry audience for spiritual and religious books, videos, audio and in films.

These desires for peace and peaceful coexistence may be served through mystical literacy and spiritual practices, of under-appreciated Christian methods of silence and contemplation: through hesychia. Ancient Christian ascetic practices are brimming with life and energy and are available to people to be integrated into modern life - without having to leave one's work and family and become a sequestered monk or nun. The quest for inner fulfillment and peace is alive and well in contemporary monasteries, and it is time to bring them into urban and suburban modernity for the purpose of uniting people, freeing them from self-inflicted isolation, over-consumption, and reliance on temporal, material objects. The practice of the Jesus Prayer, contemplation in silence, spending time in stillness in nature or in sacred places at home or work, can revive and repair the inner self, helping to restore a person to full aliveness, creative expression, and profound peace. (pp.91,92)

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