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Paul and Karen Fredette, minister as a couple to hermits world-wide. This began when the quarterly newsletter, Raven’s Bread,

Food for Those in Solitude, was passed on to them in 1997 by the originator, Bede Jagoe, OP who had spent a number of years in eremitic solitude in India. Karen lived as a hermit for six years, an experience recorded in her popular book, “Where God Begins to Be, A Woman’s Journey into Solitude.” Before moving into her solitary cabin in West Virginia, she had spent thirty years as a member of Sancta Clara Monastery, a Poor Clare community in Canton, Ohio. Paul, a member of the Glenmary Home Missioners from 1975 to 1995, was engaged in pastoral and formation ministry before becoming editor of The Glenmay Challenge in 1992. He now works as a Qualified Professional in the field of developmental disabilities and mental health.

Since our marriage in 1996, we have cultivated a contemplative lifestyle on a secluded mountain slope in the Spring Creek area of Madison County, North Carolina. We have co-authored the quarterly newsletter, Raven’s Bread as well as written numerous books. Consider the Ravens, On Contemporary Hermit Life has garnered a Bronze Medal in the Religion Category of the Independent Publishers Book Awards and proven to be welcome handbook and guide for all those interested in adopting eremitical life. In our stewardship of our home, Still Wood, we are accompanied by our four-legged companions who teach us the value of taking time to just “be”. Our daily routine includes contemplative prayer and reflective reading. In the warmer months, we celebrate liturgy in our gazebo chapel, Beth El Shaddai, where we are serenaded by a feathered choir which is accompanied by the murmur of a small waterfall.. We often retreat to Petra, an immense moss-covered rock estimated to be among the most ancient on the surface of our planet. On her rugged surface, we feel in touch with Mother Earth, contemplating forests which shaded the Cherokee who inhabited these mountains long before a white person ever beheld their lush beauty. We are reminded of how brief our life-span is; how precious are the days we have, and what a gift it is to spend them in service to solitary watchers and pray-ers around the world.

Paul & Karen
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